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The product is available in a wide range of 30 designs. Available patterns of fabrics are presented in the section here.

78cm x 78cm

Shell: 100% cotton
Filling: 100% polyester + stiff coconut insert


ikony pielegnacji rozek minky

All newborns need warmth and closeness. Swaddle wraps are intended to help them in adapting to new conditions. The infant wrapped in a baby sleeping bag feels safe, sleeps better, calms down faster and, most importantly, is warm. Swaddle wraps are very useful when feeding, carrying or lulling a baby. It is worth to remember that the baby was tightly wrapped and located in the 36.6 degrees C temperature while being in mother's stomach. That's why newborns like to be wrapped up. It is some kind of substitute for what they have experienced through previous 9 months.

The advantages of the coconut insert
• it is a natural ecological mat that makes it easy to carry a child
• it adapts to the body shape of a child without losing stability and stiffness
• it prevents bedsores
• it does not absorb odours
• the layers ensure optimal air circulation
• the insert can be removed in order to wash the swaddle wrap in the washing machine or just to use the swaddle wrap without insert