Soft and extremely pleasant to the touch. Loved by children and parents.
Minky fabric, also called Minky fleece, is made of polyester fibres. Because it is an artificial fabric, it was possible to produce it with the use of some latest technologies which enable creating fibres much thinner than cotton or wool.

Minky properties:
- above all, it is extremely soft and pleasant to touch fabric. Children most like the softness of the fabric and its pleasant touch. Moreover, small delicate dots additionally stimulate the child's senses. In touch the fabric is nothing like polyester.
-breathability. Polyester used breathes extremely well. Products made of this type of polyester can be used throughout the year. It is great for the winter as it is thick and very warm. In the summer, it works well because of its breathability.
-it dries quickly and you do not have to iron it - The material is very practical to use. After washing, you just need to dry it and it is ready for use.
- it is elastic, which enables the production of various accessories for children. The fabric easily fits and adapts to shape thanks to which it is much easier to wrap the baby by forming a horn or a sleeping bag.
Presented below are the available colours of the fabric: